Zac Efron Swims With the Sharks and Shows Off His Bulge in Hawaii


Zac Efron and Adam DeVine are becoming close friends. Earlier this week they went swimming together in a lake and now they are swimming with sharks -- after eating sardines.

Zac and Adam, who are co-starring in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, currently filming in Hawaii, documented the crazy trip with a video Zac posted on Twitter.

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According to Zac, the duo dove into possibly dangerous shark-infested waters to raise awareness for the plight of the tiger shark, which is a "red listed species w/less than 30K worldwide." According to Zac, the tiger shark is also his spirit animal.

The former Disney star looked more comfortable with the sharks than he recently did on the set of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates when he had to stuff himself into a skin-tight wrestling suit that left little to the imagination when it comes to the general shape of his junk.


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Luckily, Zac's shark-swimming outfit wasn't quite so snug. If there's one thing you don't want when you're swimming with sharks it's to showcase your bulge. That's just playing with fire.

For the record, not everyone was super supportive of Zac and Adam's attempt to raise awareness. Filmmaker Jeff Kurr, who has made dozens of shark documentaries, spoke with TMZ, in which he said that he believed Zac's dive was reckless and dangerous.

Despite the fact that Juan Oliphant, the man who organized the shark excursion, claimed Zac and Adam acted very responsibly and respectfully toward the sharks, Kerr explained that tiger sharks are "unpredictable" and that they are responsible for many attacks and deaths in Hawaii.

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Kerr clarified that he appreciated and supported Zac's intent and message of conservation, but that if something had gone wrong it could have spelled disaster for tiger sharks and their public image around the world.

For more on Zac and Adam's recent bromance, check out the video below.

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