Team Elsa! Nothing Is Cuter Than These Little 'Frozen' Softball Players

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These girls let it all go out on the field.

An Oklahoma softball team of four and five-year-olds -- who are devoted Frozen fans -- decided to take the best team photo ever when they all posed in their Princess Elsa dresses.

The little players -- who call themselves The Freeze -- gave a scowl as they held their bats and gloves while wearing their royal outfits.

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Betsy Gregory
-- whose daughter is the team's catcher -- is responsible for the adorable image going viral after she posted it to Facebook.

"Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are okay to look a little tough and look a little mean," she told "I've heard words like 'fierce' thrown out. It's okay to be strong and empowered."

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The girls were all taking dance class together when their parents decided to get them into team sports. The tiny dancers were thrilled to play softball when their moms told them it could be a Frozen-inspired team.

From their shirts all the way down to their socks, the girls all wear Elsa's turquoise and white colors when they play ball.

"You're a little girl, and you can do anything," Gregory, who also took the photos, said. "Don't let people get in your way. Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball."

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So how did these little Elsas do this season? "We came in dead last," she admitted. "But we had lots of fun."