Tyra Banks Posts Selfie in Full Makeup to 'Look Like a Supermodel'


Tyra Banks is continuing to teach us lessons about life, beauty, and the realities of social expectations.

After posting a bold, makeup-free selfie on Wednesday to give fans a look at the "really real" Tyra (#RawAndReal), the America's Next Top Model host posted another pic to Instagram on Thursday in all her made-up glory.

This time, it's to teach us another lesson: Sometimes you need a little help looking as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside, and that's OK too.

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"Today, I want to continue to keep it real. Why? Because we ALL know I don't walk around looking like the bare-faced photo I posted yesterday. Almost everyday, I rock mascara, blush up my cheeks and throw concealer on those damn dark circles under my eyes," Tyra wrote in the caption. "The painted face you're looking at right now...THIS is REALLY me, too. Is it raw? Heck no! Is it real? The jury's out on that, but I say, 'Yeah.'"

Tyra added that she understands if her followers are confused by what may seem like contradictory messages, but assures everyone that she is "keepin' it REAL by admitting I need to put stuff on my face to look like a supermodel."

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"Yeah, I wished I woke up looking flawless, but that just ain't me. Not at all. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. None of us should be," Tyra added, finishing the post with the appropriate tag, "#RougeAndReal."

For more on the many styles (and many faces) of Tyra, check out the video below.