Kanye West Will Absolutely Crush It As a Dad During These 19 Life Moments


Father's Day is Sunday, and Kanye West has a lot to be proud of. He just had a birthday, he's got an adorable two year-old daughter and one on the way with wife Kim Kardashian, and the stoic style icon has even been cracking smiles a lot more than we are used to seeing from him.

Quite obviously, Yeezy is high on fatherhood, and we don't blame him! Here are 19 life moments that North West's daddy seems totally ready to take on.

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1. First day of school.

♫ No goodbyes, no goodbyes, just hello! ♫

Given the relationship Kanye had with his mother Donda, he no doubt gets that it can be hard to find yourself in a new situation struggling to meet new people.

2. Recitals.

"I'ma let y'all finish... but my baby North had the best plie of all time. OF ALL TIME."

3. Tooth Fairy.

Friend: "Heard you lost a tooth. What did the tooth fairy leave under your pillow?"

North: "A college fund."

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4. Summer Break.

Who needs summer camp when you've got Kim and Kanye?

5. Back-to-School shopping.


Friend: "North, I love that outfit. Where'd you get it?"

North: "Paris Fashion Week."

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6. Talent Show.

Genius recognize genius!

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7. Career Day.

"What does your dad do?"

8. Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.

We've already seen how heartwarming these moments can be.

9. Picture Day.

You know Kanye will have his kids looking their best for any occasion!

10. Mother's Day.

Kanye honors his mother, his wife, and his daughter like his life depends on it!!

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11. Learning to drive.

♫ Thank God I ain't too cool for the safe belt! ♫

Kanye survived a really bad car accident early on in his career, so safety behind the wheel is something he'll definitely want to pass on to his kids.

12. Sweet 16.

When your parents throw you a Kidchella when you're one.... it can really only go up from there.

13. Falling in love.

♫ Hello my only one! ♫

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14. Getting your heartbroken.

"It's time dad introduced you to 808's & Heartbreak."

15. Homecoming float.

"We flew the paper mache in from Belgium."

16. Prom.


17. Graduation.

♫ They got the dropout keepin' kids in the school. ♫

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18. Weddings.

You know how Yeezy tries to keep it together and never really cries? Our prediction is that will end in a big way on these days!


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19. All the rest of the moments that require love and affection.

That frowny face he rocks isn't fooling anybody, Kanye is a dad with a lot of love to give! It's how Donda raised him -- whether North and her younger sibling(s) need a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, or just someone in their corner, you know Yeezy will be right there behind them! To Kanye and all the great fathers out there....

Happy Father's Ye!

Now, watch North West dance to "Black Widow" if you want to never stop saying "Awwwwwww" again.