Bill Hader Made a Girl's Make-a-Wish Come True by Pranking Her Entire School


Why can’t a prank be used for good and evil?

Bill Hader
(Saturday Night Live, Inside Out) did just that when he disguised himself as a firefighter in order to grant cancer survivor Grace Aroune’s Make-a-Wish to pull a senior prank on her high school, Iroquois High School in Elma, N.Y..

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“[Grace] goes, ‘I want you to be a firefighter and I want you to come to each classroom and just mess with people,’” Hader recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Make people do weird drills and give them fake information and be a weird guy. And I did it.”


Such weirdness included telling kids that the noise a smoke detector makes is actually Channing Tatum’s voice and making them stop, drop, and roll to his satisfaction.

They filmed it all under the guise of a video on fire safety that would be shown to "various minor league baseball teams." “I wanted something that was really memorable, like a living experience,” Grace explains. “But also I wanted my friends and my family and everyone who has been supportive of me to also be able to enjoy it.”


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Eventually Hader revealed his identity at an assembly, by way of a certain SNL character, then stuck around to meet the students and sign their yearbooks:

What’s most important at the end of the day is that Grace had a great time.


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