Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Moving Vans Fuel Split Rumor

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are renovating their house, not their relationship.

Rumors about a possible Ben and Jen divorce continued to swirl as Wetzel & Sons vans were seen at their Pacific Palisades, Calif., enclave, but no one is moving out. The trucks were there because the couple are under going a house renovation, a source close to Ben and Jen confirms.


The owner of Giannetti Architects told ET that they've done projects for the Afflecks in the past. The couple "loved the work, so they called up to remodel some rooms."

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The moving vans were there to bring furniture to storage in order for the company to begin construction on the actors' home.

The house renovation comes on the heels of sources telling ET that the couple "are fine" and are planning on spending the summer focusing on family. They were also spotted together last month grabbing lunch in Brentwood, Calif., right in the heat of the divorce rumors.

Ben and Jen will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next week on June 29.

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Despite all the breakup chatter around them, these two aren't going anywhere imminently.

Find out more about Ben and Jen's upcoming plans in the video below.

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