Lady Gaga's Dog Is Now a Model: See the Adorable Pic!

Not every dog can get this gig!

It's just another day in the life for Lady Gaga's dog.

The pop star's adorable pup, Miss Asia Kinney, has quite the social media presence with 120,000 followers on Instagram, but the precious pooch is about to become even more famous now that she's the newest star of COACH.

Miss Asia Kinney made her modeling debut with a classy collar for the "Coach Pups" Campaign, with Lady Gaga proudly posting a pic through both her and Miss Asia Kinney's Instagram on Tuesday.

Her big, dark puppy eyes appear to be looking into the distance, making us all want to hold her in our lap too. The Coach bag stands out too as it's wrapped around her as the ultimate accessory.

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Last month, Miss Asia Kinney "took over" Lady Gaga’s Instagram and shared pictures from her perspective.

"I stole Mommy's cell phone and will be posting photos all day long. I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!" the caption teased on her first pic of the day.

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In a different shot, Miss Asia Kinney sniffed through a garden, and Lady Gaga, er, Miss Asia Kinney used the opportunity to announce a pet food line.

"ORGANIC GRAIN-FREE LOCAL FARM INGREDIENTS are the best for our body and brain," read the caption. "That's what I eat! That's why I'm inspired to also create A Pet Food Line."

Another day in the dog's life also included "laying in the roses, trolling the chicken coop and walking on the town" before a "nice bath" and an aroma-therapy massage.

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At the time, Miss Asia Kinney was also reading magazines like Vogue before teasing she would be "the star of a new campaign for a major luxury fashion brand."

Now that the wait is over and we know who she's modeling for, we can't wait to see more of this pup!

"I can't speak, but I try my piggy best to show 'Thank you' and 'I love you' with my eyes," her final caption of her Instagram takeover read. "Every dog is forever a puppy and should be loved like one."

Check out the video below to celebrate this year's Westminster Dog Show winner!