9 Things We Learned About Kate Gosselin's Fear of Being 40

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At one point in almost everyone's life, they reach the milestone known as "turning 40." Not everyone loves that fact, but almost no one seems to hate it more than Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin.

TLC's Kate Plus 8 special on Tuesday was dedicated to Kate turning the big 4-0, and the woman of honor made it abundantly clear that she was not looking forward to the celebration. In fact, it almost seemed like she thought she was the first person in history to ever suffer through “turning 40."

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So, in honor of the oft-maligned reality star's big day, here are a few bizarre things we learned about her during the Kate Plus 8 40th birthday special.

1. She claims she never said the words "I'm turning 40" out loud before. This was our first hint that Kate might not be ready to come to terms with the reality of aging.

2. She is not at all kidding about how much she hates this age. When asked how much of her trepidation is just her joking around, she said, "It is 0 percent joking and 100 percent fear of that number that stars with a '4.'"

3. She thinks being single at 40 is the worst thing that could ever happen. "By the time you're in your 40s, [it means] you're old and single, instead of in your 30s and single," Kate said during the special. She also revealed that she literally "grieved" the loss of her 30s.

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4. She won't even let her kids say the number 40. When in Mexico with her family, she kept calling the big day her "un-birthday." Aside from the fact that this makes it sound like she's celebrating the day she came back from the dead, she also shushes her kids loudly when they wish her a "happy 40th."

5. She brought her kids to Mexico so she wouldn't feel guilty. She said, without joking, that the only reason she was bringing her kids to Mexico for her birthday was because she'd feel guilty if she didn't. Not because she wanted to celebrate with her family or anything, just to avoid feeling bad.

6. She lets the kids go shopping… so they can buy her stuff. She gave each of her kids 200 pesos so that they could buy her birthday presents from small gift shops. Hopefully the kids were able to take home a few souvenirs for themselves, but who knows.

7. Being divorced has been "the greatest five years of my life." Actually, this one might make a lot of sense. But she sure spends a lot of the time getting mad whenever anyone mentions dating or relationships.

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8. She likes hanging out with her friend so she can forget about motherhood. "I am so thankful to have spent my birthday dinner turning 40 with [my best friend] in the year we both turn 40. [It was] one of the most memorable nights that I have had in a long, long time. When I hang out with [her] I sometimes am able to forget that I have eight kids. So it was successful and fun and we will treasure it forever," Kate said to working cameras that broadcast this comment onto TVs that her children could presumably watch.

9. Finally, she comes to terms with turning 40. After three gorgeous days in Mexico with a family that loves her and her best friend, she can finally say that turning 40 was "palatable." So, you know, baby steps.

Lord help us all when Kate turns 50.

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