Marilyn Manson Says Columbine School Shooting 'Shut Down My Career'

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In April 1999, Marilyn Manson came under fire when it was repeatedly reported that the killers in the Columbine High School shootings were fans of his music.

It was later revealed that they did not listen to Manson's songs, but the 46-year-old rocker believes the fatal event still scarred his career.

While at the Cannes Lions Festival on Monday, Manson pointed out that the Columbine killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, thought his music was "too pop."

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"With Columbine, it really shut down my career entirely, to the point where casinos -- gambling establishments -- refused to book my shows," he said (via Billboard).

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Manson recalled that the media went on to sensationalize the killers, and that hurt his career even more. "They put these two killers on the cover of Time magazine," he explained. "I've never been on the cover of Time magazine. That's the whole point."

Now, Manson says he's not sure that he wants to be a rock star at all anymore.

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"I wonder sometimes if I've outgrown my spotlight," he admitted. "Someone asked me a long time ago, 'Are you worried your image will overshadow your music?' No, I'm worried my music will overshadow my image."

Manson also called out how fame has changed. "Having a persona online doesn't make you a personality now," he said. "When everyone can be famous, to me it's not a challenge. The best will rise to the top."

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