22 Times Ariana Grande Was Basically Perfect

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♫ I'm feelin' 22! ♫

Yes, that is a Taylor Swift song, but today the day belongs to Ariana Grande!

As the singer turns 22, we want to make sure and highlight all the moments she has totally crushed it at life. Here are 22 times Ariana Grande had no "Problem" being her absolute best self.

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1. When wings attacked her at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

2. When her bubble gum game was strong.

3. When she handled cat rejection much better than any of us would.

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4. When she went straight from the Scream Queens set to the gym.

5. When Grande drank a Starbucks grande.

6. When she posted cat-ears Snape.

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7. Her complete lack of respect for right side up photos on Instagram.

8. When she wigged out.

9. When she absolutely needed a second opinion.

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10. When she recognized brilliant thoughts.

11. When Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself in Vanity Fair and Ariana wrote "stunning" 28 times.

She's right!

12. When she wished her dog a happy birthday.

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13. How she posts her fans' signs.

14. When she teamed up with Justin Bieber to give Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You" the lip sync treatment.

15. When she knew what she would be like as a shoe.

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16. When she shouted out a friend's birthday.

17. When she liked how her arm smelled.

18. When she sang car-to-car karaoke...

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For 45 minutes.

19. When she did Paris correctly.

20. When she did her studio pose.

21. This wonderfully weird moment with Miley.

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22. And when she does what she does best: perform!

Happy birthday, Ariana Grande!

Something we absolutely can't wait for is Ariana Grande on Scream Queens! Watch the video below to see her and Lea Michele on set.