Beyonce Celebrates Solange's 29th Birthday With Adorable Childhood Photo

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Sweet sisterly love!

Happy Birthday Solange Knowles!

Solange turned 29 on Wednesday, and her big sister Beyonce shared a sweet message for her.

"Happy Birthday to my sis," she captioned a throwback picture of the duo. "I love you deep."

The Polaroid shows them as happy kids, Beyonce at 8 years old and Solange at 3, and they couldn't have looked any cuter.

Solange also shared a photo taken 24 years ago.

"Some things never change," she captioned the candid pic. "Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes."

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Solange even drew an arrow, pointing out the young Bey.

In Solange's Instagram, she also shared the plans she had for her special day. "I'll be in the park with my man, smoking a joint, listening to Joni, thanking the universe for this existence that is life."

But it sounds like it didn't all go according to plan!

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The DJ tweeted to Jet Blue, because they lost her luggage, which no doubt included a cute birthday outfit!

Even so, she's not letting it ruin her day and is grateful for all the love she's receiving.

We have no doubt she’ll be able to pull off an amazing look for her special day.

Check out her unconventional wedding dress in the video below.