This Is Apparently the World's Most Handsome Gorilla (and Women Are Flocking to the Zoo to See Him)


As if being locked up in a zoo isn’t punishment enough, now Shabani the gorilla has a bunch of thirsty ass human women visiting him all the time to gush about his “flirtatious glances!!!” and “rock and roll Shabani!” Whatever that means.

Shabani has been living at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan since 2007, but has only become popular in the last few months for being...we don’t know? A sex symbol?

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According to RocketNews24, there’s been a spike in young women visiting the park specifically to see Shabani. On social media, they post comments like, “This era isn’t just for Johnny’s! It’s for sexy gorilla Shabani!” Who is Johnny?

In their report, RocketNews24 also used the phrase, “Beauty comes in many different packages and today that package is a gorilla!”, so who even knows WTF is happening anymore.

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According to Buzzfeed, women have also been using the word “Ikemen” to describe Shabani, which is a phrase used to describe a very good-looking man.

Japanese girls also be like, “What that booty do?”

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Not only is he a GILF -- but not really, right? This is just for the LOLz? Nobody is having IRL inappropriate feelings for this ape? -- but possibly a DILF too.

Google Translates tells us the caption says, “The line of sight is a handsome sore more than human.”

So, that’s happening in the world. But as one ETonline worker pointed out, “This makes me uncomfortable, but he is also a very good looking dude.”


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