Jennifer Lawrence Has Another (Yes, ANOTHER) Hot Bodyguard

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Seriously, is there an agency for model bodyguards?

Jennifer Lawrence
, Oscar-winning actress:

International role model:

Personal health consultant. Remember when she was a fitness advocate?

She's also an employer of exclusively hot bodyguards. First it was this guy:

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And just this month, she was protected and served by this certified hottie:

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Let’s take out the walrus distraction so you can focus on what’s important:

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Seriously, is there an agency for models that moonlight as bodyguards?

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Or what? Where is she finding these guys? And where can we find them?

In summary:

We’ll have what she’s having!

Anyway, speaking of Jennifer Lawrence and a hot ass dude, find out about the movie she’s doing with America’s Boyfriend, Chris Pratt: