Michael Jackson Apparently Appeared in a Cloud on the Anniversary of His Death


A photographer says he can see the image of Michael Jackson moonwalking in this cloud. Well, actually, the Internet told him they could see Michael Jackson moonwalking and now it’s gone viral.

The photo was taken over Goochland County, Va., during a lightning storm on Tuesday. Kind of spooky, because it was two days before the sixth anniversary of the King of Pop's death.

So do you see the image of this...



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Here, let us help you:


Do you see him now?

"It wasn't even my favorite picture that I took," the photographer, John Plashal,told USA Today. "I have others that are better but don't have a celebrity in the image."

Plashal says he hasn’t edited the photograph in any way, and he actually didn’t see Jackson in it when he submitted it to WTVR CBS 6’s Facebook page. But, “I see it now,” he says. “It’s pretty wild. It's one of those things — believe what you will."

In other random news, Russell Crowe says Jackson prank-called him for years: