Sandra Bullock's Awesome 'Minions' Shoes Are Going to Be Auctioned Off for Charity

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Sandra Bullock
has fully embraced Minions mania.

At least, if her high heels are any indication. At Saturday’s premiere of the Despicable Me spinoff, Bullock donned a pair of yellow, custom Minions pumps. But the shoes are more than a fashion statement -- she’s auctioning them off for charity!

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“We’re going to give all the proceeds to Art + Practice, which is a non-profit organization here in L.A.,” Sandra told ET's Kevin Frazier about the suede heels, which were designed by Rupert Sanderson and retail for over $800.

Art + Practice
, according to their website, “encourages education and culture by providing life-skills training for foster young” for part of Los Angeles. They also curate free museum exhibits and art lectures for the community.

Ten custom pairs of the Minions heels -- which will be autographed by Sandy herself -- will be auctioned off on starting on July 1. Turns out those naughty minions can do some good too.

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Bullock’s date for the premiere was her 5-year-old son, Louis, who was seeing the movie for the very first time. Sandra previously told us that Louis doesn’t even know she’s an actress, and claimed, in regards to her voicing Minions’ villainous Scarlett Overkill, “He’s not going to know it’s me.”

But if all goes well and Louis likes the movie, she might be hearing her voice over and over and over again at home. “I hadn’t even thought of that until you brought that up,” she said, when reminded how many times she said her son made her watch Despicable Me.

“Sometimes I look at these movies as nap time. Or get some work done or do some online shopping time. So maybe when my voice comes on, online shopping [...] I think that’s probably what is most likely going to happen.”

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Sandra also shared a touching message about her son, whom she adopted from New Orleans in 2010. “People go, ‘Your adopted son,’ and I go, ‘Please don’t say that. He is my son,’” she said. “I would give up my life for him. I mean, I have.”

She continued, “I think times are changing. I know there’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of people just need time to catch up. You can’t get mad at that. All you can do is live by example. I look at the love that I have and I just wish for you that you can have that love too.”

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