Amy Schumer Fights Back Against Criticism Over Her Jokes About Race

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"Trust me. I'm not a racist."

Amy Schumer took to Twitter on Sunday to declare that she's not a racist.

The 34-year-old comedian was directly responding to a recent Guardian essay, accusing the comedian of having "a shockingly large blind spot around race." While the Trainwreck star has largely been praised for her "feminist" humor -- satirizing rape culture and pointing out the double standards when it comes to talking about sex in comedy -- the essay points to some of her controversial jokes about race.

"Schumer's stand-up repeatedly delves into racial territory tactlessly and with no apparent larger point," the essay reads. "Her standup special features jokes like 'Nothing works 100% of the time, except Mexicans' and much of her character’s dumb slut persona is predicated on the fact that the men she sleeps with are people of color. "I used to date Latino guys,” she says in an older stand-up routine. "Now I prefer consensual."

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"It's hard not to feel like Schumer is only here for women who look like her," the essay also quotes The Daily Dot writer Anne Theriault.

Clearly, Schumer didn't take the criticism lightly. The Comedy Central star tweeted a lengthy response, writing, "Put down your torches before reading this so you don't catch on fire."

"I will joke about things you like and I will joke about things you aren't comfortable with. And that’s ok. Stick with me and trust I am joking," she tweeted. "I enjoy playing the girl who time to time says the dumbest thing possible and playing with race is a thing we are not supposed to do, which is what makes it so fun for comics. You can call it a ‘blind spot for racism’ or ‘lazy’ but you are wrong. It is a joke and it is funny. I know that because people laugh at it. Even if you personally did not."

She makes no apologies about making politically incorrect jokes about race.

"I am not going to start joking about safe material," she writes. "And don’t ask that of me. I love what I do and won’t let anyone take that away. I ask you to resist the urge to pick me apart. Trust me. I'm not a racist. I am a devout feminist and lover of all people. My fight is for all people to be treated equally. So move on to the next person who is more deserving of your scrutiny and not the girl in your corner. Sincerely Amy (a dirty half Jew)."

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