Taye Diggs' 5-Year-Old Son 'Unfazed' by Dad's Glittery Makeover for 'Hedwig'

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Taye Diggs is stepping into the high heels of transgender rocker Hedwig in the Broadway revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. ET special correspondent Janet Mock met up with Diggs in New York, where he dished on his new role.

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"I've always told my friends I have a flaming gay man inside of me," Diggs said. "She is coming out now! It's fun and difficult. I don't know how you girls do it in heels all day every day."

The 44-year-old actor will be the sixth person to take on Hedwig when he takes over the role from Glee star Darren Criss beginning July 22. Others who have taken on the character include John Cameron Mitchell, the show's co-writer and original Hedwig; Michael C. Hall; Andrew Rannells; and the revival's original star and Tony winner Neil Patrick Harris.

While seeing Diggs in heels and makeup may take some adjusting for those familiar with Diggs's past roles in How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Brown Sugar, one person wasn't thrown by the new getup -- Diggs' five-year-old son with ex Idina Menzel.

"[Walker] is so damn adjusted," Diggs gushed. "He's unfazed. I think he's on the path of being a really cool adult."

During his run as Hedwig, Criss had apologized for a Caitlyn Jenner joke he made within the context of the play. Tweeter Marc Lacognata noted the remark, writing, "Tonight, Darren Criss, as HEDWIG said, 'man, woman, moman, wan, Bruce Jenner, whatever you are,' and it was very distasteful."

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Later Criss took to Facebook, writing, "I want to sincerely apologize to Caitlyn Jenner, all transgender people, and anyone who was offended for my words on stage during Tuesday evening's performance."

Diggs applauded Criss for how he reacted to the backlash following his onstage remark.

"I don't think anything he did was wrong," Diggs said. "He apologized. I think that's classy. Nobody wants to offend anybody."

With Diggs being the first black man to take on the role, there were a few slight changes in the character's backstory, but no other script changes were needed.

"That's a testament to how great the show is," Diggs said. "Anybody could get in there and put forth this message."

Diggs has become well known for his roles in movies and on television, but he made his start on Broadway in the 1996 production of Rent. He considers himself to be a "song and dance man" originally and he says Hedwig was the perfect project to bring him back to his theatrical roots.

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"I'm learning how to be on stage," Diggs said. "But then just the way John Cameron Mitchell writes -- the intensity and the feeling and the depth. The show is basically about outcasts and loving yourself and loving others. The layers at which that can happen to human beings is crazy."

Watch the video below to see Diggs reveal his hidden talent.