Kim Kardashian Gets Political: Talks Hillary Clinton, Same-Sex Marriage, and Gun Control

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Kim Kardashian revealed her outspoken side Tuesday night in
front of a packed house at San Francisco’s famous Castro Theater where she was
the guest of The Commonwealth Club.

As an example, when asked to name her favorite Instagram
filter, Kardashian quickly (and icily) replied: “I don’t use filters!”

A guest with the celebrity stature of hers is not a common
occurrence for the club, which, in its 100-year history, has hosted discussions
with political and civic leaders and is the oldest public affairs forum in the
country. But there Kardashian was, sitting down with retired Judge LaDoris
-- the first African-American woman judge in all of Northern
California who is now an Independent Police Auditor in San Jose -- for an
hour-long interview to promote her new book, Selfish, and her wildly popular gaming app.

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“[We have a] generation of girls that are beautiful but
don’t have a strong work ethic,” Kardashian said, cautioning people against
believing that her life is as vapid as it is sometimes portrayed on the long-running
reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
She goes to meetings -- lots of meetings. And she credits her famous husband, Kanye
West, with keeping her relevant.

In reference to her app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the 34-year-old reality star revealed
that “Kanye made me do this game.” Kanye is also credited with suggesting the
concept for Selfish as well as giving
the book its title. When she wasn’t praising her husband, Kardashian also spoke of her
famous family.

Naturally, Caitlyn Jenner came up in conversation.
Kardashian said her family was overwhelmed with the reaction to her transition.
“[The] response was…more positive than we ever could imagine,” she said, adding
what Jenner has taught her: “Caitlyn has helped me learn to be less judgmental.”

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Though, not every experience with public scrutiny has been
positive. A year ago, Kardashian and her daughter, North, were subjected to harsh and
offensive racial epithets shouted at them from a fellow passenger on an

After discussing gender identity and race, Judge Cordell
asked about Kardashian’s role as a woman.

Does she consider herself a feminist? Despite what people
might think of her, she doesn’t believe in using labels. Do selfies objectify
women? Yes! And she is proud of objectifying herself!

Judge Cordell also challenged Kardashian on several
political topics, including same-sex marriage and presidential race. What
does she think of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage?
“It was about time,” she said. “I’m proud of Obama for getting that done.”

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As for whether she thinks Hillary Clinton should be the
country’s first female president, Kardashian said, “I hope so!

Finally, a longstanding tradition at The Commonwealth Club
was upheld when Kardashian was asked to offer an idea to change the world. “I’m
not a gun person,” she said. “I think we need gun control. We don’t have strict
enough gun control laws.”

Was Kardashian always eloquent and insightful in her
responses? Not always. But she did convey a genuine persona that uses charm to
compensate for any heft it may be lacking.