Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Flown to Chicago as Last Hope by Pat Houston

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As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in hospice care in the Atlanta area, ET has learned that she was taken to Chicago before being moved to the Peachtree Christian Hospice.

VIDEO: Bobby Brown Resurfaces at Hospice to Be by Bobbi Kristina's Side

Sources confirm to ET that before Bobbi Kristina entered the hospice in late June, her aunt Pat Houston flew with her to Chicago on a MEDVAC plane to see a medical specialist, who confirmed that there was no hope for Bobbi Kristina’s recovery.

ET has also learned that there has been no increase in security despite reports to the contrary.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's 22-year-old daughter has had a steady stream of family and friends come visit her since she entered the hospice, including Tyler Perry and Bobby Brown's sister, Tina. Bobby returned to the hospice late Monday after not being seen for three days.

While the Brown and Houston families have seemed to set aside their differences for the sake of Bobbi Kristina, they may not be burying the hatchet with Nick Gordon.

WATCH: Tyler Perry Joins Family Members Visiting Bobbi Kristina Brown

The 25 year old is accused of physically abusing Bobbi Kristina and stealing money from her in a lawsuit filed by Bobbi Kristina's conservator.

"If this case goes to trial, you'll see the Brown family and the Houston family both testify on behalf of the state," private investigator T.J. Ward, who has no connection with the case, told ET.