Calvin Harris Confirms Taylor Swift Can Do Anything in First Instagram Pic


The couple that cooks together... stays together?

If hunky music-maker Calvin Harris' first Instagram of his superstar girlfriend is any indication, this power couple won't end up being just another sad breakup song.

In the pic, a sweet-and-sexy looking Swift gets into the Fourth of July spirit as she mans the grill, where she's barbecuing something that can't possibly be as delicious as these two lovebirds.

"She cooks too," the DJ gushed in the captioned photo posted late Thursday night. 

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Harris' flame emojis were certainly a nice (and festive!) touch, but it's been clear since April that the figurative fireworks have been flying between the 31-year-old Scottish stud and his multi-talented boo.

More proof their relationship is on fire: Recently, Harris cat-sat for for the 25-year-old "Shake It Off" singer as she trekked to Europe for her 1989 World Tour. That can only mean one thing: #Trust.

Harris has become Swift's own personal cheerleader in recent weeks, and not just when it comes to her cooking. After Swift convinced Apple to change its policy with an open letter regarding the company's new streaming service, Harris praised her, tweeting, "my girl just changed the entire music industry." 

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Already feeling nostalgic over the Harris-Swift love story? Reminisce with the video below: 

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