Kelly Rutherford Reunites With Her Children in New York City

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It's a temporary win in a long and vicious custody battle for the 'Gossip Girl' actress.

Kelly Rutherford is finally with her children again.

The Gossip Girl actress reunited with her son Hermes, 8, and daughter Helena, 6, in New York City on Friday. The actress and her boyfriend Tony Brand, Assistant Manager of Gucci, were spotted with the children outside their apartment.

Rutherford wore a knee-length cheetah print dress and appeared to be in good spirits, at one point kissing Brand.

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Rutherford and her ex-husband, German businessman Daniel Giersch, have been embroiled in a vicious custody battle for six years. The 46-year-old actress filed for divorce from him in 2009 while she was pregnant with Helena.

A California judge gave Rutherford temporary sole legal and physical custody of the children in May. Soon after, a judge in Monaco demanded that the children be returned to Rutherford for the summer. The children reside in the European country with their father. 

The rulings forced Giersch to bring the children bak to the United States from Monaco, where they've been living since 2012 after Giersch's work visa was revoked.

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The long battle has already cost the actress $2.5 million. The saga encouraged Rutherford to start the advocacy group Children's Justice Campaign, and earlier this year she organized a White House petition urging the Obama administration to bring her children back to the U.S.

Rutherford is already making up for lost time with her children. She posted a photo of a birthday cake with Helena's name on it to Instagram on Saturday afternoon, captioning it "Belated birthday celebration." Helena's sixth birthday was last month, on June 10.

Despite the reunion this weekend, Rutherford's battle is far from over. After her temporary custody arrangement ends, she will have to return the children to their father in Monaco.

The actress has been vocal about the emotional turmoil the custody battle has cost her. See for yourself in the video below.