Stars Are Seeing Red, White & Blue While Celebrating the Fourth of July


There's nothing like a Fourth of July celebration! After all, what's more American than stuffing our faces at BBQs, swimming at the beach or watching fireworks?

Well, celebrities sharing their festive party pics, that's what.

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Also Bruce Springsteen's butt...

Sorry, we got distracted. Where were we?

Right! Taylor Swift and her famous friends got the party started early, showing off their stripes at a poolside soiree on Friday.

We have a serious case of #SquadGoals right now.

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The "Bad Blood" singer's British BFF Ed Sheeran even got in on the holiday spirit.

But where were the stars of our nation's flag? On Taylor's crew's onesises, naturally...

...all over Kim Kardashian, of course.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and her lookalike little sister Noah Cyrus apparently cleared out every party supply store in America...

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...and Joe Jonas and his very serious twinsie zip-up sweatshirt are pretty much everything.

Who else is giddily helping America ring in the big 2-3-9? Keep scrolling below to see pics from some of your favorite stars.

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Happy Independence Day!

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