These Pictures of Shirtless Chris Hemsworth Paddle Boarding Will Be the Highlight of Your Week

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Is this a still of Chris Hemsworth in Magic Mike 3XL: Return to Waterworld?

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Nah, it’s just our very own God of Thunder on a paddle board in France! Look how jovial he is to be there! Hemsworth was vacationing off the Island of Corsica over the Fourth of July weekend and appears to have been shirtless basically the whole time.

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Not that we’re complaining. Hemsworth was with his wife, Elsa Pataky though.

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Who is like the most gorgeous woman in the entire world and could kick our ass for saying this -- watch her in the Fast and Furious movies, she’s basically about as buff as The Rock -- but she’s kind of ruining this fantasy for us.

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Much better. If he weren’t already Thor, he’d basically be IRL Aquaman.

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Anyway, before their trip to France, Hemsworth and Pataky had been traveling around Europe with Oceana, with which Pataky serves as an ambassador. Here is a video from their trip to Malta. (Spoiler alert: He’s not shirtless, so do with that information what you will.)

Now, find out about the “trip from hell” Hemsworth took with his three kids:

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