Behold, The Best of Justin Bieber's Butt Memes


As they say, ‘We accept dat ass we think we deserve.’

Justin Bieber
is currently on vacation...somewhere tropical, and in addition to his usual kinda squinty, kinda moody, kinda constipated shirtless selfies, Biebs Instagrammed this photo of his bare buttocks:

A few things to note: 1) It’s great that Bieber has a healthy appreciation for geology. 2) The photo has 1.7 million likes, about a million short of breaking Kendall Jenner’s record. 3) Something funky is going on with the pixels near his left cheek. We’re not crying Photoshop, just that something is suspect.

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Anyway, the Internet being the Internet, immediately turned Biebs into a meme. As the Google doodle of the day:

As a sort of buttception scenario:

Even Miley Cyrus Instagrammed her #BreakTheInternet take on the picture:

But mostly, the memes just seem like they want to ruin your childhood. Poor Spongebob Squarepants:

We do NOT remember this happening in Finding Nemo:

If we were in Inside Out, this Pixar one would have us feeling a lot of feelings:

Oh no, not the minions too:

Won’t anybody think of the minions?!

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Beliebers have also been using the hashtag, #LetsSeeTheRestOnShots -- with Shots being Bieber’s selfie-sharing app, but stop trying to make Shots happen! It’s never going to happen!

Just remember:

Meanwhile, does Biebs have a new lady? Check out his cozy Instagrams with model Hailey Baldwin:

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