Bobbi Kristina's Aunt Seeks 'Justice' for Her Niece: 'Know That It Just Begun!'


Leolah Brown is standing by her niece, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and her family in this trying time.

In a new Facebook message posted early Thursday morning, Leolah once again slams the person responsible for shopping around an image of Bobbi Kristina in her unstable state, and insists that the photo wasn't taken when she was at hospice.

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"Whoever took that picture had to take it before she came to hospice-simply because there is no brace on her neck today nor has it been since I have been with her in hospice," she writes. "Don't let these evil people make you believe otherwise! I am NEVER going to tell you a lie about something like that."

Leolah is also quick to defend her family. "Please know that, that picture that was taken of my niece, Bobbi Kristina was taken when NO other Brown was around her," she begins her post. "My brothers KNOW this and we have already determined who we are sure it WAS NOT! And believe me-IT WAS NOT A BROWN!"

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Bobbi Kristina's aunt writes that she's displeased with who's been able to visit Whitney Houston's daughter since she's been under hospice care.

"And if it were up to me! The sick and sorry people that continue to have permission to see her even still to this day-they would be COMPLETELY cut out NEVER to lay eyes on her again!" she declares. "I knew in my heart this would happen and did MY best to try to keep certain people away and at the same time keep the peace for my niece's and brothers sake. But there is only so much I can do (right now)!"

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Leolah also seems rather surprised that Bobbi Kristina is in hospice in the first place.

"I will not say much right now-but please be aware that I am just as shocked as you are when it comes to the status of my niece, Bobbi Kristina even being in hospice period! To the best of my knowledge, she was getting better!" she says. "From what I knew and heard-hospice was not even a thought in any Brown's head! I am angry because in my mind (and I will ALWAYS say this as long as God keeps breath in me) Bobbi Kristina WAS GETTING BETTER!"

She continues, "And not only is she in hospice today-but some money hungry ugly beast saw fit to take her picture BEFORE she was "put" in hospice to gain dirty money in their pockets!"

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Clearly disgusted, Leolah concludes her post by making a vow to Bobbi Kristina. "KNOW THAT IT JUST BEGUN! IF YOU NEVER BELIEVED IN GOD-YOU WILL WHEN I'M DONE!" she writes in all caps. "BOBBI KRISTINA WILL INDEED HAVE JUSTICE AND SO WILL HER MOTHER!!!"

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While stories about Bobbi Kristina's health have reached a fever pitch, there has been no change in her condition. She has been at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Georgia since mid-June. Friends and family members, including her father, have been holding bedside vigils for her.

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