Bill Murray Clears Up 'Star Wars' Rumors, Defends Miley Cyrus During His First Ever Comic-Con

Plus, find out why he started a 30-second sing-along in Hall H!

Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

That's basically what happened when Bill Murray arrived at Hall H for his first ever appearance Comic-Con. Murray wore a bandana and rose-colored glasses, like his character in Rock the Kasbah (the movie he’s here to promote), and opted to walk through the crowd to the stage to raucous applause.

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"I feel like I fit in,” he said of finally appearing at Comic-Con. “I could fall down in any of these aisles right here and be fine until I woke."

During the panel and audience Q&A, Murray proved to be as charming as ever. Like when a fan decked out in Ghostbusters gear asked him what his favorite movie role has been. "Well, once upon a time, I did save the city of New York," he quipped. And I had the coolest damn car to drive around Manhattan.”

Or when he addressed those long-whispered rumors that he was originally intended to play Han Solo in Star Wars. "I don't know if I was ever up for Han Solo,” he said coyly about the role that ultimately went to Harrison Ford.

As for Wednesday’s news that LucasFilms is spinning Solo off into his own film about a young Han, Murray remarked: “I'm working out really hard to get this new thing. I'm swimming a lot. And doing Pilates."

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Murray also had some very nice things to say about...Miley Cyrus?! "I’m going to say this officially: Miley Cyrus is good,” he said of the pop star, who makes an appearance in his Sophia Coppola-directed Christmas special.

He continued, “I was not convinced, but Miley Cyrus is really f**king good. She can sing. I thought she was a knucklehead crazy girl that you'd want to go on a road trip with, but she can sing."

Murray shared that George Clooney was also “floored” by her on-set. "I don't want to hear anymore bad rapping of Miley Cyrus,” he told the crowd, before brainstorming who people should rag on instead. In the end, he decided, “We'll leave that for Rick Ross."

(Maybe he didn't enjoy their run-in together much as much as we thought?)

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Turns out Murray gets a little musical himself in Rock the Kasbah. Moderator Josh Horowitz of MTV asked how much Murray sings in his day-to-day life. "I sing every day. Sometimes I sing very quietly," he joked, before fessing up.

"No, I don't sing everyday, but I have a friend who tells me [affecting an Asian accent] 'You should be singing!' She's not from America. I don't just do an accent like that, she's Thai. 'Why aren't you singing more?' So I'm going to be singing more. Or else."

And then he did. Right there in Hall H. Murray -- who spent last weekend at The Grateful Dead's last show with Woody Harrelson -- wanted everyone to join him in a 30 second sing-along where everyone sang whatever song they wanted.

Afterwards, he smiled, "It sounded very joyous. It sounded good. Thank you."

Speaking of Ghostbusters, check out Kristen Wiig in costume for the reboot:

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