Haley Joel Osment Explains Super-Sweet Note From His 'Forrest Gump' Dad Tom Hanks

It's official. Tom Hanks is the nicest guy ever.

Forrest Gump
may have come out 21 years ago, but Haley Joel Osment will never forget his "great first cinema dad," Tom Hanks.

Osment, now 27, memorably played Hanks' son in the now classic 1994 film, and in an interview with the Today show on Thursday, he recalled the Oscar-winning actor's kindness. The actor explains that director Robert Zemeckis rewrote the last scene in which Osment and Hanks wait for his school bus together, and in the trailer while discussing it, Hanks wrote down his lines for him on a piece of yellow legal paper.

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"My parents kept it around and I still have this little piece of film history," Osment says. "He [Hanks] truly is [the nicest man]. He was a great, great first cinema dad."


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Osment, who also famously starred in The Sixth Sense, is now all grown-up and still acting. He hilariously played a villain in the new Entourage film, and ET caught up with him in May to talk about the surprising role. Watch below: