The Entire 'Ghostbusters' Cast in Uniform Is Utter Perfection


Who ya gonna call?

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon officially look like the ones we should dial up to fight off some ghosts. Director Paul Feig tweeted this amazing photo of the whole gang from the Ghostbustersset and we could not be more excited!

Dressed in their uniforms in front of their Ecto-1 car with their proton packs ready to go, they definitely aren't afraid of no ghost.

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And we're not the only ones excited. Check out the responses on Twitter:

Feig has slowly been rolling out images of the iconic Ghosbusters essentials. On Tuesday, he shared film photos of the car and previously, it was the jumpsuits and Proton packs. But this is the first time, we've seen it all together and, honestly, it's pretty perfect.

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Only image we're missing now is Chris Hemsworth, who will be playing the ladies' male receptionist -- please, get on that stat, Feig!

Ghostbusters is set to hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

Check out the video below to see Wiig filming scenes for the movie!