'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Gets R-Rated in Hilarious Comic-Con Interview

ET talked to the cast of upcoming movie on Saturday.

When Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool co-stars dropped by ET’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, things got a little naughty.

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The cast was asked how making an R-rated comic book movie allows them to be different from all the others and that’s when things got interesting!

"We can say f*** a lot," Gotham star Morena Baccarin, who plays Reynolds’ love interest in the movie, told ETonline before dropping curse words like nobody’s business.

"F*** yeah! S*** is real," T.J. Miller added.

That’s when Reynolds jumped in on the fun, deadpanning, "You can put a finger in anything." "And that goes in all of life, that’s true. Sandwiches, whatever," Miller chimed in.

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But Reynolds actually offered a serious answer to the question.

"Obviously most comic book movies are family friendly. Deadpool’s unique," he said. "He’s aware he’s in a comic book movie. He breaks the fourth wall, addresses the audience directly. It’s very meta, but at the same time, as the canon would suggest, it’s quite cruel and quite dark as the world [is]."

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"And in addition to being very funny, it’s also sadistic. So you kind of need that ‘rated R’ to get us over the hump, to tell the story we need to tell," Reynolds concluded, before "falling over" from exhaustion with his answer.

Watch the rest of the interview with Reynolds and the Deadpool cast!

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