'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Is Going to Be 'Bonkers'


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is going to be bananas.

That was the takeaway from the Arrow and The Flash spinoff’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday as part of Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment’s three-hour extravaganza.

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Legends of Tomorrow – all it is is the crazy ideas,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said of the midseason hero/villain team-up. “It’s bonkers.”

Fans wary of a third show in the same universe needn’t be worried.

“It was important for us not to do the same show,” Kreisberg explained. “We really wanted to do something different.”

That’s not to say that Legends of Tomorrow will become a separate entity from Arrow and The Flash. In fact, the first several episodes of Arrow and The Flash's new seasonswill be “table-setting” for the new show, as well as their crossover event.

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Legends of Tomorrow
’s “big bad” was previously revealed to be the centuries-old Vandal Savage, and Kreisberg revealed that the “team,” which include the Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave, White Canary, Firestorm, Rip Hunter and Hawkgirl, will be encountering the villain in various time periods.

“What they do in one timeline affects the rest of history,” Kreisberg said.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim hinted that the group, which will also include Hawkman, will not only be going through different periods of history, but pivotal moments as well.

Sara Lance, who was resurrected from the dead via the Lazarus Pit to become the White Canary, will be a different Sara than Arrow fans may be familiar with.

“I want her to go nuts – off the rocker!” Caity Lotz exclaimed, later explaining why the White Canary is possibly the most dangerous character on the show.

“She’s not afraid to die. She has died multiple times,” Lotz explained.

Legends of Tomorrow
debuts midseason on The CW.