Here's How Long You Have to Wait in Line to Get the Hottest Toy at Comic-Con


At worst, Comic-Con can seem like a line to get into another line to wait in another line to do what? Who knows. But there’s one line on the convention center floor that’s worth the wait: The Funko booth.

That said, it is quite the line.

“I have heard three hours,” Mark Robben, Funko’s Director of Marketing, told ETonline of this year’s wait. “It was capped almost immediately this morning after the doors opened. There was a rush and security was telling people to come back in three hours.”

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If you’re not familiar with Funko, they make those adorable vinyl bobbleheads of your favorite movie and TV characters that you see everywhere. This year marks a dozen or so years the company has been attending Comic-Con, but even they weren't expecting the madness that would ensue.

“It’s completely different [this year],” Robben explained. “We’ve had a 10 by 20 booth, and now we’re up to whatever the size of this monstrosity is, and one of the most popular booths here. So it’s a lot different than it used to be.”

During Comic-Con, you can (try to) get your hands on some *very* exclusive exclusives, including a blue crystal -- get it? -- Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, the super cute Rocket and Groot Dorbz set, a ‘70s-style Jaws action figure, an old-school wolfman (“He’s furry and people seem to really like that.”), and Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street. Naturally.

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But while the characters from Inside Out and the Minions are popular -- again, naturally -- one Funko has proven the most coveted this year: “We have some of the first figures from Batman v Superman,” Robben told us.

He continued, “We have the licenses like that that are leading into movies that aren’t even out yet. It just creates a frenzy.” So much so that the 500 Batman v Superman bobbleheads completely sold out in about a day, and Robben says he’s already seen them pop up on eBay for more than $250.

Which is chump change compared to what people are dropping at the Funko booth. “Easily over a thousand,” Robben said, of the most someone has spent this year. “I’ve seen several transactions over a thousand. I’m not sure if I’ve seen one top two [thousand], but that just means I didn’t ring it up.”

In other news, find out how Bill Murray stole the show at Comic-Con this year:

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