Daniel Radcliffe Is the Most Adorable Receptionist Ever in 'Nylon' Prank Video

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Daniel Radcliffe is pretty cute when he’s stressed out.

The Harry Potter star filled in for NYLON magazine's front-desk receptionist Lauren for part of the day a few weeks ago, something none of the staff knew in advance.

Sure enough, as soon as some of the employees saw Radcliffe, they couldn't help but ask to take photos with him.

But the day wasn't just filled with photo ops, as the 25-year-old was still expected to do the job.

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While manning his post behind the desk, Radcliffe is asked about stamps, the bathroom key, deliveries and it's clear he feels the pressure -- especially when Joe Jonas makes a surprise visit!

"Are you from the England office?" the singer asks him.

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"Yes, I'll go with that," Radcliffe responds as he struggles to get Jonas to his meeting.

"This new guy sucks," Jonas remarks after Radcliffe has left the room.

Well, if nothing else, the experience obviously taught the actor that he shouldn't quit his day job.

"People come in and you just need to know what they need, it's terrifying," he says with a newfound appreciation for Lauren and the work she does every day.

Check out the video below to see how Radcliffe got really stressed out over hair extensions

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