Susan Sarandon Sends A$AP Rocky and Action Bronson The Best Tweet About Being Mentioned In Their Song

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♫ You see us scrambling, selling Susan Sarandon ♫

Rapper Action Bronson, 31, drops that line on 26-year-old A$AP Rocky's 2013 song "1 Train," and while not even Rap Genius can agree exactly on what Bronson is talking about selling, the name drop has finally reached 68-year-old actress Susan Sarandon.

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The Academy Award winner sent A$AP and Bronson a tweet Tuesday in response to the line, writing, "Thx for the shout out on '1Train.' Not sure what it means, but let's blaze one & talk about it some time."

Sarandon, you queen!!

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The tweet has been retweeted thousands of times, including by Bronson himself, who responded with the interesting, but not particular helpful tweet, "THELMA AND LOUISE!!!!"

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So if you ever get down on the world, just try to remember that this is a very special place where Susan Sarandon can potentially hotbox with A$AP Rocky and Action Bronson.

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