'Empire' Creator Drops F-Bombs, Jokes About Emmy Snub


What does Cookie Lyon have to say about this?!

One of the biggest snubs on Emmy nominations morning was Empire, the buzziest and most-watched new show of the year, after it failed to dominate in the drama categories. Despite a big push on Fox's part, only star Taraji P. Henson scored an Emmy nomination for acting, while Empire’s over-the-top costumes landed two more. (And where are those music nominations?)

Creator Lee Daniels had something to say about the show’s lack of Emmy recognition, posting a candid video with co-star Jussie Smollett on Thursday afternoon with the hashtags “#canfinallypostthis,” “#timetoberealagain” and “#emmyniceguyoverwith.”

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"Jussie's saying I have to be politically correct on Instagram, that I'm going to get in trouble," Daniels says in the video, clearly in a joking mood.

“You have to be nice!” Smollett insists.

But Daniels, who was laughing and smiling, was ready to show Emmy voters how he really felt.

"F*** these motherf***ers!" he exclaims.

“Damnnn,” Smollett responds. Damn is right.

Daniels posted another video after his original comments lit up tit up the Internet.

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"Some of these people ain't got nothin' better to do than to hate on me for having fun," he said in a new video. "I was having fun. I love the Emmys and I'm excited about the cast and crew that got nominated and for the other people that got nominated for Emmys."

His final message? "So haters, shut up and go to bed!"

Now, Daniels is no stranger to the awards circuit. In 2009, he scored two Oscar nominations for Precious, including one for directing.

Maybe next year!

To find out more about this year's biggest Emmy surprises and snubs, press play on the video below.