Taryn Manning's Stalker Is Back in Jail

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Jeanine Heller, who was arrested multiple times for stalking and harassing actress Taryn Manning, was sentenced to serve time in jail after reluctantly admitting in court that she attempted to contact Manning in violation of a previous plea agreement.

Heller allegedly sent nearly 30 text messages to the Orange Is the New Black actress from June 11 to 29, according to testimony given by Lauren Liebhauser, an investigator for the District Attorney's office.

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Heller admitted to contacting Manning, and accepted the plea. However, Heller's attorney Jeremy Saland later said to ET, "She admitted to texting Manning on or about June 4th only, not the 30 incidents in the alleged violation of her conditional discharge."

Heller was sentenced to six months in jail, with 45 days already served for her time spent in jail after she previously pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail and inpatient therapy.

"I know she's grateful to move on with her life and put an end to what was an unfortunate and horrible episode to deal with," Saland stated.

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