Paul Rudd Has Played the Same 'Mac & Me' Prank on Conan O'Brien for Years and It Never Gets Old


Never change, Paul Rudd.

Poor Conan O'Brien...

Paul Rudd went on Conan Thursday to promote his upcoming Marvel film Ant-Man, where he was supposed to debut a clip from the movie. As anyone who has seen any of Paul's appearances on Conan over the years knows (and Conan certainly knows, by this point), that's not exactly what happened...

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For the uninitiated, Paul has, for years, brought Conan a clip from the ridiculously terrible '80s movie Mac & Me, in lieu of his real clip (It's basically an E.T. knockoff.) There was a lot of speculation whether he'd be able to continue the prank now that he's promoting a big time Marvel movie. But he managed the feat yet again, by playing the clip twice, the second time playing the actual Ant-Man clip.... only to cut into Mac & Me yet again.

Here's a historical documentation of Paul doing this, if you're so inclined.

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We have to say, you've got to think that Conan secretly loves this at this point. It's more tradition than prank by now.

You can see Ant-Man, without the Mac & Me interruption, in theaters now!

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