7 Times Kristen Bell Was the Cutest Person Ever

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Happy Birthday, Kristen Bell!

The adorable actress turns 35 today, and to celebrate, we're looking back at the seven times we wanted nothing more than to be her BFF.

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And those don't even include her very own birthday tweet:

It was actually really hard to choose just seven. Do you know how cute the mom-of-two is? Seriously. The cutest. But, here, we tried:

1. She had a literal meltdown over sloths.

It should weird you out, but it will only make you love Kristen more. How is that possible? We'll never know, but we refuse to question it.

2. The commercials Kristen stars in with her husband Dax Shepard are delightful.

A famous husband-and-wife duo starring in a commercial for household appliances could come off as desperate or obnoxious. ('You know how we have more money than you? Well, now we have even more because we're telling you what you can’t afford to have in your own house!')

Then there's Kristen and Dax. The duo, who have been married since 2013, are so sweet together -- and have spot-on comic timing -- that you forget they're hawking Samsung products at you. Besides, if you didn't LOL at, "Don’t let her see the fear in your eyes," then you have no soul.


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3. Frozen

She voices an adventurous princess who knows how to throw a punch, and, oh yeah, it's Frozen.

Enough said.

4. Every teenage girl wanted to be Veronica Mars -- and some of us who are now adults still do.

The teen detective show made her a household name but still never really got the credit it deserved, especially considering it featured some of the snarkiest one-liners ever delivered.

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5. She plays the bitchiest chick ever on House of Lies, and it's delicious.

Her character Jeannie Van Der Hooven doesn't take crap from anyone, and she also looks pretty confident strutting around in her underwear.


6. She also got to make out with Adam Brody.

Forget about the weird threesomes and dirty sex scenes. Focus on Adam. Remember how lucky Kristen is. Repeat.

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7. She fought the paparazzi -- and won.

Kristen and Dax made it their mission to prevent photographers from taking unsolicited, harassing photos of celebrities’ children. Their persistence is one of the big reasons changes were actually made.

Kristen forever!

The actress' fight against the paparazzi isn't over, however -- find out why she's supporting Ashton Kutcher's familiar battle in the video below.

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