Abby Elliott Talks Amy Schumer, Playing a B***h on 'Odd Mom Out' & Her 'SNL' Days


In her first major TV role since breaking out on Saturday Night Live, Abby Elliott brings
the laughs on Bravo’s new scripted series, Odd
Mom Out

Created by (and starring) author Jill Kargman, Odd Mom Out skewers the world of Upper
East Side mothers and their extreme ways of living. Among the moms Kargman goes
to bat with on the show is Brooke (Elliott), the quintessential momzilla. She’s
perky, blonde, and as Elliott puts it, a “total b***h.”

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Elliott is no stranger to making fun of the New York scene.
Following four seasons of celebrity impressions -- probably her most popular being
Zooey Deschanel -- on SNL, the
28-year-old actress has made memorable appearances on How I Met Your Mother and most recently as one of Amy Schumer’s
girlfriends on the first two seasons of Inside
of Amy Schumer

Elliott talked to ETonline about working with Schumer, personifying
an Upper East Sider, and how SNL was
like going to college. 

ETonline: You’ve
really painted quite the caricature of an Upper East Side housewife. What went
into creating Brooke?

Abby Elliott: Brooke
is a total b***h. She’s a horrible person and that’s pretty apparent on the page.
When I read it, I thought it was so funny -- it made me laugh. I wanted to bring
her to laugh and make her appear vulnerable even though she’s such a type-A
person and has it all together.

Given that this show
is on Bravo, did you draw any inspiration from Real Housewives?

I look for inspiration from people from high school, people
that I’ve met throughout the years. I sort of channeled all of them into
Brooke. Yeah, but you know, I think Brooke herself would never be a Real
Housewife. She would make a great! But she considers herself above that.

You appeared on the
first two seasons of Inside Amy Schumer.
What was it like working with Amy?

Working with Amy was so thrilling. To see her go from not
being sure if the show was going to be picked up to being a huge superstar was
really inspiring. She’s somebody who, throughout the years, has been so
supportive of women in comedy. She doesn’t just say it, she actually is and
helps people along and wants to do as much as she can for other women. She’s such
a pioneer. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Given that this was Saturday Night Live’s 40th year, did you
take the time to look back at all and reflect on your time on the show?

Yeah, it’s an institution. I look back at my time fondly. I’m
so glad that I went through it, but I’m also really glad it’s over. I look back
on it like my college and my training grounds. I met a lot of wonderful people
and learned so much. And I’m really proud of the work that I did there.

Are there any
impressions that people still like to bring up?

Jill Kargman -- when I first joined Odd Mom Out -- said that they all watched Meryl Streep on Ice
impression that I did, which made me really happy.

Speaking of Odd Mom
, watch an exclusive clip of Brooke showing Jill how to scout for a new
nanny from tonight’s episode, “Staffing Up.”

Odd Mom Out airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. only on Bravo.