'Good Morning America' Interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal While Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Played in the Background

Good Morning America

Good Morning America
officially has zero chill.

We already know the morning show can be petty -- like when they told us we were getting an “amazing” announcement from Beyoncé and it was just that she’s (kind of?) vegan -- but what did Jake Gyllenhaal ever do to them?

Watch this:

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On Monday, Gyllenhaal stopped by to promote his new movie, Southpaw. (In which Robin Roberts says he delivers a “knockout” performance -- nailed it, Robin Roberts.) Of course, he talked about getting in shape for the movie:

Good Morning America

Gratuitous shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal picture. He also talked about doing improv in the film and said some generally adorable things about Oona Laurence, who plays his daughter.

But mostly, people only noticed that GMA had Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” playing in the background as the segment started. UM, GMA, DON’T YOU REMEMBER ALL TOO WELL?

Jake and Taylor -- Gyllenswift, if you will -- dated for a little bit in 2010. Long enough for Jake to (apparently) inspire a number of songs on Taylor’s album Red, including her best song ever, “All Too Well.”

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“Thank you, Jake,” Roberts says at one point in the interview. “You are so good to us, when you come here.” And this is how you repay him? SMDH. Naturally, the Twitterverse wasn’t going to let this slide:

Homeboy didn’t really look pissed. Probably, he did not even care.

It’s not the first time that GMA has pulled something like this either:

For the record, Gyllenhaal recently said he was single amid rumors that he was dating his Southpaw onscreen wife, Rachel McAdams (who is now rumored to be datingTrue Detective her co-star Taylor Kitsch). "My mother believes she thinks arranged marriages might be able to work," Gyllenhaal joked.

Anyway, find out how Gyllenhaal got super buff to play a boxer in Southpaw:

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