Jake Gyllenhaal Responds to 'GMA' Playing Ex Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' During Interview

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Does Jake Gyllenhaal have bad blood with Good Morning America?

The Oscar-nominated actor, who appeared on Monday’s GMA to promote his upcoming boxing drama Southpaw, was introduced by Robin Roberts after returning from a commercial break with Taylor Swift hit "Bad Blood" playing in the background.

Many Gyllenhaal fans found GMA’s choice of intro music in poor taste. Gyllenhaal dated Swift for a few months from 2010 to 2011, and was rumored to the be subject of a few of Swift's hit songs (including "We Are Never Getting Back Together" off her 2012 Red album).

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However, Gyllenhaal says that he didn't even notice. Speaking with ET at the New York City premiere of Southpaw on Monday, the 34-year-old star explained, "I'm always some place to do my job. My job is the most important."

"I'm not really listening to background anything," he added.

While Gyllenhaal claimed he wasn't fazed by the music, some fans are pointing to a subtle facial expression he made as the track faded out over the start of the interview.

While the song choice could have been a subtle joke played at the expense of the A-list star, it seems just as likely that GMA chose a wildly popular song that was thematically linked to Gyllenhaal's boxing drama about a man looking for redemption and revenge.

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Whether or not Gyllenhaal was offended by the music choice or oblivious to it, one thing is for sure: He looks insanely ripped in Southpaw, and that's really the most important thing to take away from all this. Check out the video below to see how the star got in crazy shape for his gritty role.

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