Nikki Reed on Working Near Husband Ian Somerhalder: 'We Always Find Time to be Close'

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Nikki Reed’s newest acting gig is putting her right where she wants to be – close to husband Ian Somerhalder.

The Twilight alum was recently cast as a “sexy” Betsy Ross on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, a role she admits she’s been waiting to play for a while.

“You look at a character like Betsy Ross and you say, ‘Wow!’ I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for her,” the 27-year-old actress tells ET.

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Sleepy Hollow films in Atlanta, Georgia, which just so happens to be the same city The Vampire Diaries has called home for the past six years. For Reed, close proximity is key to keeping a marriage in full bloom.

“We always find time to be close to each other,” Reed says of her relationship with Somerhalder. “I think that the ability to stay connected and in the same place physically is a real priority and more important than almost anything.”

But would Reed be up for a trip to Mystic Falls should an opportunity arise? Don’t count on it.

“I’m not on their show, and I think all the stuff that you read online or you see are all just people getting excited about controversy and stuff,” she says. “But no, that was never in the cards. And 'ignore the drama' is all I can say to you.”

Reed was much more open about the possibility of reuniting with her former Twilight co-stars. After all, they starred in five blockbuster films together!

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“We all talk, communicate and love each other in whatever ways we can. We’re going to be a family forever,” she gushes. “It was hard wrapping up the Twilight series just because I played [Rosalie Hale] for so many years.”

And while the Twilight saga may be over on the big screen, Hollywood’s penchant for rebooting successful franchises could bring it back to life. If that’s the case, count Reed in!

“If they made another one tomorrow, I would say, ‘Where do I sign up?’” Reed says.

The actress balances both her career and activism -- she spoke to ET at the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project event in Santa Monica, Calif. Nikki and 100 volunteers helped clean up the beach, picking up 250 pounds of trash!

"The message here is -- do something," she says. "Even if it's just being responsible for yourself. Even if you're just going to the beach and you're making sure you're cleaning up after yourself. That's a start! ... We need to create that shift in mentality."

So, how can you help? Pick up a piece of trash off your local beach and post the pic! Use #BeachRescue, and Barefoot Wine will donate $5 to the Surfrider Foundation, donating up to $50,000 in all. 

And if you're as obsessed with Nikki and Ian as we are, relive their wedding magic in the video below!

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