Watch These Two Girls Fiercely Dance to Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)'

Who runs the world? These girls do now.

Beyonce has a new couple of mini-mes.

Taylor Hatala, 11, and Larsen Thompson, 14, will make you want to run the world like Beyonce or, at the very least, dance to "Run the World (Girls)" today.

Check out this YouTube video in which the girls, who call themselves "Fraternal Twins," are completely synchronized in their dance moves. We first see Thompson walk into a male-driven office, but once she gets into a conference room with Hatala, the laptop gets pushed aside and their moves become unreal.

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"Run the World" then transitions to 2NE1's "I Am the Best," which the girls dance to while in Asian-inspired costumes.

And just when you really don't need any more reason for why these girls have "the best" dance, they bring out the globes and step on the guys in the office, and there's so much girl power that our minds are exploding.

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The video's director Tim Milgram told ETonline that the dance duo only had one rehearsal with their choreographer Janelle Ginestra, who also came up with the concept. "The girls, although young, are very professional and pick up choreography easily," he said. He also shared that the shoot lasted about six hours and admitted he had to "one-man-crew it."

Who runs the world?

Sorry Bey, but today, that's going to be these girls.

Currently at over 196,000 views, you’ll no doubt see this video go viral just about everywhere today.

And if you need a reminder of how fierce Beyonce is, check out her bridesmaid pose at her mom's wedding.

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