Kylie Jenner Says She Graduated High School - But Did She Get a 4.0?!

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It turns out that Kylie Jenner is officially a high school graduate!

The 17-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter Monday night, as part of her new goal to " tweet every night about what was on my mind that day," where she shared the news that she finished her classes.

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"I finished school last week.. & I know I never post on social media when I'm in class but that doesn't mean I don't encourage education! Because I do!" Kylie wrote in a series of tweets.

It's nice to know that she encourages education, and that she was able to find time to do her homework in between her public appearances and active Instagram modeling.

Now the question is, did she match Justin Bieber's 4.0 GPA? The 21-year-old "Boyfriend" singer claimed in an interview with Martha Stewart for Interview magazine that, despite becoming famous at 13, that didn't stop him from getting straight As in every class.

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So Kylie? What was your graduating grade point average? The world demands answers! Oh you could just post more selfies. Actually America would probably care more about that anyway.

For more on Justin's impressive interview with Martha -- in which he claims he can also fly planes and is an avid stock market investor -- check out the video below.

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