Cody Simpson Says Justin Bieber Called Him a 'F**king Idiot' After Posting Marijuana Pipe Video

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Justin Bieber's not afraid to joke around with his friends!

When Cody Simpson posted a Snapchat on Sunday night of him playing a song with Justin Bieber and One Direction's Niall Horan, most fans were just over the moon that a meeting like that was happening. A visible pipe in the bottom left corner of the video, however, caused some controversy for Cody, who went on the radio show, Zach Sang and the Gang, to clear some things up.

"Dude, someone said it was a crystal meth pipe," said Cody, when asked about what some outlets reported about the video, joking that if he was really messing with those kind of drugs, "You think I'd be here?"

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To many people, of course, the pipe just appears to be for smoking marijuana. But while Cody, 18, doesn't have a problem with marijuana use in general, he did tell the radio hosts that had he noticed the pipe, he probably would not have posted the video.

"Honestly, I didn't," said Cody, when asked if he'd realized the pipe was in the shot. "I woke up and realized it was there. I think if I had known when I put it up I probably wouldn't have. Just for the sake of not knowing the other people in the Snapchat situation, who are less open about that sort of stuff."

Of course, Cody's buddy, Justin, made sure to give him a hard time about the controversy.

"Bieber texted me, 'You're a f**king' idiot," said Cody. "He was kinda joking, he doesn't really care about that kind of stuff either."

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This isn't the first time Cody has opened up about drug controversies over Snapchat. In late March, the singer defended then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid against claims she had snorted cocaine in a Snapchat video.

"She's the best in the world," he told ETonline at the Kids Choice Awards. "She would never touch anything illegal, she would never do anything like that behind closed doors. I know her back to front and she's just the sweetest thing."

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As for where he and Gigi stand today, Cody told the radio hosts it's "amicable," noting that the two recently met up in New York under pretty platonic terms.

"We had a little art session," he elaborated. "We painted."

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Now, pipe aside, Cody's Snapchat video made a lot of 1D and Justin Bieber fans freak out pretty hard. Watch the video below.