Nicki Minaj Spreads Awareness About Sandra Bland, a Black Woman Who Died While in Police Custody


After starting a conversation about racism against black women in the music industry, leading to an apology from Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj has turned her attention to the death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who died while in police custody after allegedly being physically apprehended during a traffic stop in Texas.

Nicki took to social media to spread awareness of the story, writing, "If you haven't looked into this story, please do. It's the most disturbing thing going on right now. #SandraBland."

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Nicki followed up the post with a disturbing video that includes footage from the police dash cam at the time of Sandra's arrest, where she repeatedly pleas with the officer to stop harming her. She captioned the video, "Rest In Peace #SandraBland."

(WARNING: Disturbing audio and explicit language.)

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Nicki also retweeted several people who were tweeting about Sandra Bland, including this video detailing who the Black Lives Matter activist was, which the Twitter user captioned, "Her family deserve justice."

Some people seemed to suggest that Nicki's awareness of social issues only sparked up after her Video of the Year MTV VMA snub, however, Nicki retweeted a user who pointed out that she has previously spoken out on these issues, including the cases of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.

"Let them talk," Nicki wrote, adding the #SandraBland hashtag.

Nicki has not been the only celebrity speaking out about Sandra Bland. Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams wrote a powerful 24 tweet send-up of racist double standards of policing in America.

"As we well know, police are not THE law. They swear to UPHOLD & ENFORCE the law in a professional, courteous manner, whenever possible," Jesse said in one tweet.

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"#SandraBland's treatment while attempting to travel freely on HER public roadways has been acknowledged as unlawful. She is already dead," he added.

See all of Jesse's thoughts on his Twitter. After the string of messages, the actor began to post examples of white Americans disrespecting, disobeying, and even becoming violent with police, while walking away with their life.

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