Jake Gyllenhaal Brushes Off Taylor Swift Bait: 'She is a Beautiful Girl'

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What did Jake Gyllenhaal reveal about Taylor Swift?

Despite their whirlwind romance ending back in 2010, Jake Gyllenhaal is still getting grilled on his relationship with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. This time, the questions came frpm none other than radio bad-boy Howard Stern.

Gyllenhaal, currently on a press tour to promote his new boxing film, Southpaw, was asked about Swift during a sit-down on Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. The host referenced the actor's appearance on Good Morning America this past Monday, when Gyllenhaal's interview segment was introduced using Swift's "Bad Blood" -- a moment that felt undeniably pointed.

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When baited about the morning show situation, the Nightcrawler star laughed off the whole situation. "First of all, I did not hear that," Gyllenhaal said. "When I'm doing an interview [and] up at 5 a.m., and you can't really make sense of words. You're not thinking about the background music that's playing behind you."

"There are dark things that happen on Good Morning America," he added. "That is not one of them... I'm sure they have so much music on that show playing all the time, it's just one of those things."

Stern continued to pump the 34-year-old actor about the relationship, insisting he is "super attracted" to Taylor Swift and asking why Gyllenhaal didn't lock that down when he had the chance.

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"She is a beautiful girl," Gyllenhaal finally offered before asking Stern why he hadn't given out this kind of life advice several years back. Stern doubled-down by saying he would have pulled the film star aside and declared, "'Jake, this is The One. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can play songs and write.'"

All this talk about settling down just so happens to come on the heels of the star's admission that he really wants to be a father. Hmm...

Stern's co-host, Robin Quivers, didn't back down either. She brought up the rumors that tracks off Swift's 2012 album, Red, might have been inspired by her relationship with Jake -- specifically the song "All Too Well.” Smartly, Gyllenhaal played dumb. "Do I [have a song]? I don't know," he joked.

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Gyllenhaal continued to play aloof around the specifics of his relationship with Swift but was open about his desire to find love, even admitted to being honestly in love multiple times already in his life.

Was Swift one of those multiple loves? Unless Gyllenhaal pens his own track about the pop star, we'll probably never know.

One thing we do know for sure is that the actor got buffed up for his role in Southpaw. Find out how he did it in the video below.