Katy Perry Gets Spooked During Fireball Magic Trick, Plays It Off Nicely

Baby, you're a fireball?

Baby, you're a fireball?

Katy Perry's face was priceless when she agreed to participate in a magic trick.

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During a promotion for her new fragrance, Mad Potion, the 30-year-old pop star played lovely assistant to a magician at Hollywood's Magic Castle. Perry looked nervous as the illusionist had her hold a small object as he lights it on fire.

Once it went up in flames, the "Firework" singer screamed as she tossed it into the audience. The flame quickly disappeared, like magic. Perry played off the embarrassment by striking a silly pose and declaring, "Hadouken!"

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Despite nearly being set on fire, Perry enjoyed her event at the Magic Castle. "Had a magical time launching MAD POTION at the Magic Castle yesterday," she Instagrammed on Thursday.

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