EXCLUSIVE: Blake Shelton Sounds Off On Miranda Lambert Divorce: 'I Shoulda Drank More Today'

'The Voice' coach was spotted pushing a baby stroller around. Is he sending a message to Miranda Lambert?

If Blake Shelton is heartbroken, he certainly has a funny way of showing it.

The Voice coach stepped out on Thursday in Los Angeles in a clear attempt to troll the paparazzi, and possibly to send a message to his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert.

With a smirk on his face, Shelton paraded a baby stroller -- complete with a pink blanket wrapped in the shape of a baby -- in front of a photog. Asked how he was doing, Shelton responded in kind with a "How you doin', Einstein," and declared that he was "just taking the stroller to the car." Then, along with two bodyguards, Shelton carefully placed the stroller in the back of a black Range Rover and reached for a Starbucks cup filled with clear liquid.

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Asked if he had any regrets about his failed relationship, Shelton quipped: "Yeah, man. I shoulda drank more today." A rep for the singer tells ET: "He knew the paparazzi was there and was just being funny."

Of course, Shelton has never been shy about his affinity for a cocktail.

"Just got off the treadmill. This calls for a drink," Shelton tweeted on Monday, just after news of his divorce from Lambert went public.

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Shelton and Lambert do not have children, though pregnancy rumors had followed the couple consistently since they tied the knot in 2011.

This is the second high profile divorce for Shelton, who split from his first wife, Kaynette Williams, after meeting Lambert in 2005. In an interview with 60 Minutes last year, he said the split was "easily the toughest thing that I've, you know, been through. I put my divorce up there with my brother's death and that was a tough, tough call to make."

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And while the split certainly caught the superstar couple's fans by surprise, the two weren't spotted together all throughout the American Country Music Awards ceremony when ET went backstage in April. In fact, Miranda admitted she wasn't really sure of her then-husband's whereabouts.

"I haven't seen him all day because he's been rehearsing, but the last state I saw him in, he was pretty good, but you know, that was a couple hours ago so I'm not really sure what's going to happen," she told ET. She also didn't thank him during any of her acceptance speeches that night after winning three different awards.

Meanwhile, Lambert is leaning on her BFF for support in the days following the divorce. See her sing her hit, "Heart Like Mine," at pal Ashley Monroe's album release party in the video below. In fact, Shelton and Lambert exchanged friendly tweets on Friday about the release of Monroe's new album, The Blade.

UPDATE: Moments after this post was published, both Shelton and Lambert tweeted jokes about the images.