About That Super Secret Cameo in 'Paper Towns'

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WARNING: This post will spoil the secret (though, not-so-secret anymore) cameo in Paper Towns, but otherwise contains very few spoilers for the film.

Gus lives! Not really! But kind of!

Fans of The Fault in Our Stars -- and there are many sobbing, emotionally wrecked fans of Fault in Our Stars who are still not okay? Okay. -- are in for a surprise when they see Y.A. author John Green’s latest adaptation, Paper Towns. At one stop on Q’s (Nat Wolff) road trip to track down Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne), he bumps into his BFF of another lifetime.

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That right, it’s Ansel Elgort. We knew he paid a visit to the set of Paper Towns, but until we actually saw the movie, we had no idea he was in it!

Elgort -- who famously played the ill-fated Augustus “Gus” Waters in Fault in Our Stars -- pops up as a sleazy gas station attendant here, and has but two lines: “Do you need a bag?” and “Do you like dragons?” The latter of which he says while flexing a dragon tattoo on his bicep.

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“We tried to keep it secret for a while,” Wolff told MTV News. “It was funny, when people would see it, they would scream, ’Gus!’ Gus died in Fault in Our Stars, sorry to ruin the movie if you haven’t watched it.”

Director Jake Schreier also revealed Elgort almost played a character named Gus...again. “Our options were limited,” he said. “I guess he could have played Gus [a security guard at the Orlando Sun Trust building], but that could have been a little weird -- you know, just the name’s the same.”

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There’s a subtler cameo that you may not have caught: John Green himself, who isn’t seen in the second movie based off one of his books, but is definitely heard. He voices the dad of Margo’s former best friend -- the one who cheated with Margo’s boyfriend -- and screams that he has a gun.

“I said to Jake, ‘I’d really like to have my cameo,’ and Jake was like, ‘Ugh, god, I don’t know,’” Green told ETonline of how he got “cast” in the movie. “I bullied him until he let me do it, and then he cut my thing down to about a quarter of a second. But I’m in it!”

OK, but where was Shailene Woodley?

Now, you already know Cara Delevingne can act and model, but did you know that she can sing and beatbox too?!