New Video Shows Theater Gunman at Motel Just Hours Before Shooting

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More light is being shed on what John Russell Houser’s day looked like before he went on a shooting spree inside the Grande Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana, that killed two people and injured nine.

ET has obtained video of the surveillance camera at the Motel 6 in the same town. Houser had been renting a room there since early July.

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In the video, the 59-year-old is holding a cup of what appears to be coffee in his hand as he engages in a casual conversation with the front desk clerk before making his way through the lobby.

In a second surveillance video, Houser can be seen returning from the racetrack and walking through the motel hallway to his room. He isn’t rushing and his demeanor appears calm.

ET also has a photo of his hotel room, taken after the police raid, which was in completely disarray. Both beds are unmade, with newspapers, plastic bags and clothing strewn on top of them. Cleaning supplies, liquor bottles, sneakers and a Florida t-shirt can be seen spread throughout the room.


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Writings from Houser, who was killed in the theater after he turned his handgun on himself, were uncovered yesterday, which show that he had been carefully planning the shooting. The notes included the specific movie title and time -- which ended up being a 7:10 p.m. ET showing of Trainwreck -- and that he was targeting law enforcement, government entities and abortion clinics.

For more details on the Trainwreck theater shooting, watch the video below.